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About Us

15 years of experience

building contractors in Essex

EDC is an Essex-based construction and design company who cover London and the surrounding home counties.

Having spent the last 15 years operating at the highest possible level, we’ve solidified our place in the commercial construction industry as leading experts and master craftsmen. When it comes to high-quality work and materials, uncompromising customer service and extensive knowledge - our customers know we deliver 100% of the time.

From project management and planning to creative design, construction, commercial interior renovation and demolition, our customers can benefit from the wide range of solutions we offer and the exceptional level of service that comes along with them.

Our other specialities lie in mechanical and electrical services, plumbing and fire stopping.

Bonafide and recommended

We don’t just talk a good job; we showcase it for all to see. Our clients can attest to this, and they frequently do. Nothing reflects our conscientious workmanship and commitment to fulfilment than the fact that 80% of our business comes from previously satisfied customers.

Experienced and versatile

As we mentioned: we’ve been doing this for a long time - over 15 years, in fact.

Our long-standing status as renowned and respected commercial builders means we’ve previously undertaken all elements of commercial work and have decades of combined knowledge across our team.

Protection and precision

All work we carry out is completely guaranteed, and we operate a self-imposed zero-defect policy.

Honest, upfront and competitive

We supplement all work with a free no-obligation quote. Our advice is truthful, and our prices reflect precisely what you get in terms of material, labour and expertise.

Our values and accolades

Meet the team

Chloe Edmunds

Chloe Edmunds


Jay Edmunds

Jay Edmunds


Malachy McMahon

Malachy McMahon

Projects manager

Jackie Palmer

Jackie Palmer

Accounts manager


Our core company values are openness, honesty, inclusion and social responsibility.

We aim to progressively improve our practices and create a solid foundation for the future.


We monitor our impact on global & the local environment & keep our Company travel, waste & energy usage to a minimum with careful planning. Alongside improving our Environmental performance, we strive to increase awareness throughout our workforce & the local community.


We respect the local communities in each area that we work.

We work towards supporting these communities by delivering benefits in the form of employment opportunities, local business and economy, education and charity work.